NSP Service Locations

The NSW Government is committed to reducing the sharing of injecting equipment among people who inject drugs by 25% by 2020 .The publication of up to date information about the location of NSP outlets across NSW is an important enabler that will help achieve this goal.

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City of Sydney demonstrates how to safely pick up and dispose of community sharps

Watch a short video by the City of Sydney that demonstrates how to safely pick up and dispose of community sharps found in public spaces.

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Safe Collection and Disposal of Sharps Training rolled out across Western and Far Western NSW

Lynda Lewis, a trainer for OCTEC, was funded by the Community Sharps Management Program to deliver workshops on Safe Sharps Management to 285 participants from 15 councils at towns across Western and Far Western NSW. This is one component of a coordinated regional response to community sharps management that is being rolled out over the next 12 months.

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Industry response to sharps management

It is encouraging to see a new initiative by industry that focuses on sharps disposal. As a provider of both community sharps and sharps disposal containers, this industry partner recognised the need for a strong, clear message pertaining to community sharps disposal. In order to make the information easily accessible to all users of community sharps a QR reader code links to the www.safesharps.org.au website so that people can access additional information.

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Funding Support for Councils

Funding support is now available to councils to implement community sharps management projects.

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Local Solutions – Moree Plains Shire Council July 2014

Local Solutions – Moree Plains Shire Council July 2014

In April, we reported on creative solutions to some local problems associated with inappropriately disposed injecting equipment implemented by Moree Plains Shire Council. The Community Sharps Program Manager, Ronnie Turner, visited Moree recently and met with council staff. She viewed the new bins that have been installed throughout the town. As part of their broader sharps management strategy, council also engaged TAFE NSW New England Institute to delivered safe sharps handling and management training to over 20 operational staff.

Ronnie also met NSP workers Warren and Bruce, who have recently been employed by Pius X Aboriginal Corporation to respond to inappropriately disposed injecting equipment. Bonny Briggs, from the Aboriginal Health and Medical Research Council, was in Moree and she provided practical assistance in the response to community sharps issues impacting the local Aboriginal community. This is a great initiative by Pius X and one which compliments councils newly implemented sharps management plan.

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Training for Council Staff

There are several options for individuals or workplaces who want training on handling community sharps safely, through both public and private agencies. Your local NSP workers are well placed to provide practical demonstrations and advice on safe sharps handing.

Further information on training

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Why is it important to keep sharps out of our municipal solid waste stream? Watch this clip

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Sharps disposal bins now available in Moree

Moree Plains Shire Council has recently installed 11 new disposal bins that they purchased with financial support from the Community Sharps Management Program.

We asked the driving force behind Moree’s new safe disposal strategy, Environmental Health Officer Belinda Olsen, to tell us about the process.

Why did Moree Plains Shire Council decide to install community sharps disposal bins?

We were receiving feedback from concerned members of the public about the number of inappropriately discarded syringes in public areas. At a number of our regular community meetings, similar concerns were also raised.

We know we have a high rate of diabetes in our community and we know that more people are managing medical conditions at home that generate sharps. As well as providing a safe workplace for our workforce, particularly our outdoor staff, we want to limit the number of needles and syringes that end up in our general waste stream and in public spaces , such as parks.

So we decided to make it easier for people to access safe sharps disposal options.

Who were the key people you consulted with during this process?

MPSC formed a Sharps Management Working Group which consisted of myself, the Assessment Manager of Planning and Development, Plant Operator of Outdoor Staff, WHS officer, waste department personnel, and the General Manager, and from there we formed links with key personnel from the NSW Ministry of Health.

Do you think promotion of the new disposal options is important?

It is very important to make residents and visitors aware of where the bins are so they use them. We also need the community to understand why we have installed them. Initially there were a few negative comments, but that is to be expected. Generally the response is positive because we are providing a service people need.

Having gone through this process, what have you learnt?

That it is a whole of community issue. People need to understand that sharps are generated by lots of people in different situations. We have to have easily accessible places for sharps to be safely disposed of. It is a long term process because it is about changing behaviours.

Any advice for other councils who are considering managing community sharps?

Speak to the Community Sharps Management Program first because that makes the process simple. They are dealing with this daily. It is important to form relationships with local Health and other support services. Data collection is a must. It will provide evidence of change and it should be seen as a key activity. We also keep this on the agenda at regular meetings so we can deal with issues as they arise.

If you would like assistance planning your sharps management options, email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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A new Community Sharps website

Welcome to our redesigned website! Here you’ll find information and resources about managing and disposing of community sharps. The Community Sharps Management Guidelines for NSW Councils provide information, options and guidance on developing a strategic response to the management and disposal of community sharps that have been inappropriately disposed of.

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Local government NSW Excellence in the Environment Awards 2012-2013

This year’s event was opened by Her Excellency Professor Marie Bashir AC CVO, Governor of New South Wales, at the Powerhouse Museum on 3rd December. The Community Sharps Management Award, which is sponsored by this program, was awarded to Riverina Eastern Regional Organisation of Councils (REROC) for Safe Sharps Version 2. The award is in recognition of the safesharps website and Smartphone apps, which enable users to search for the locations of single needle disposal points, sharps’ container disposal points or sellers of sharps’ containers. ( www.safesharps.org.au )

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We’ve surveyed NSW councils about their approaches to community sharps management

An online survey was developed to identify councils in NSW that have plans and processes for managing and disposing of community sharps in NSW, and those who may require assistance from the Community Sharps Management Program to develop effective strategies.

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The 2013 NSW NSP Forum 19 & 20th November

The Needle & Syringe Program (NSP) has been effectively preventing HIV and Hepatitis C for over 21 years. The Annual NSW NSP Workers’ Forum is an important part of this history, creating a space for Needle & Syringe Program workers, researchers, policy makers, government and non-government organisations to share ideas, to learn from each other and to develop new approaches. Over 100 delegates attended this year’s forum to explore the forum theme “Reflect, Respond, Reinvigorate”. The Forum was chaired by Professor Kerry Arabena Chair of Indigenous Health, Director Onemda VicHealth Koori Health Unit, The University of Melbourne.

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Local Government and Shires Associations of NSW Excellence in Environment Awards 2011-2012

This year's event was held at Darling Harbour and the awards presented by the Hon Robyn Parker, MP, Minister for the Environment, and Minister for Heritage. The Winner of Division C and Overall Winner was the City of Sydney for the Northcott Community Sharps Management Project. The City of Sydney partnered with Housing NSW, NSW Land and Housing Corporation, SESLHD and Northcott residents to deliver a pilot project for managing community sharps waste in a high-rise social housing precinct. The project partners recognised safe sharps disposal as both a health issue and waste management issue. The awards were accepted by Eve Jennings from City of Sydney.

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Local Government and Shires Associations of NSW Excellence in Environment Awards 2008-2009

Recognising outstanding achievements by Local Government in managing and protecting the environment

The 2008-2009 Awards were presented at L'Aqua Function Centre, Cockle Bay Wharf, Sydney, on Tuesday 1 December 2009.

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