Sharps disposal webpage for residents

Council: Wollongong City Council

Description: This dedicated webpage is a great way to inform the community on how and where to dispose of community sharps (as well as unwanted medicines and medical waste). The page is reached via the Household Services section of the council website and linked to the Waste and Recycling subsection.

The strengths of the webpage are:

  • that it is easy to find, both via the website as well as through the search engine
  • that information is provided on all the pharmacy disposal sites across the city
  • that provision is made for people who generate medical waste who may require an additional wheelie bin

All councils should consider providing a dedicated Community Sharps Disposal webpage on their website.

Additional information: Don’t forget the website which is both a website and app where all sharps bins across NSW are located. It is an excellent resource for local communities and visitors to your town. Add your disposal bins to it now! All public hospitals in NSW also provide community sharps disposal facilities, and these can be identified in promotional material as well.

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