Safe disposal posters

While many local councils have developed resources to promote the safe disposal of community sharps in their local government areas, the terminology used and the information provided in this material varies considerably, and can be quite confusing.

A general sharps disposal information poster and a pharmacy disposal poster have been developed as generic resources to provide a recognisable image - 'Spike the Echidna' and the Safety Stickler format, and a consistent safe disposal message that can be promoted to all communities.

'Spike' and the Safety Stickler format are copyright and can only be used by councils for promotion of community sharps management programs. All promotional material that uses this image or format must include the acknowledgement of copyright provided.

Both these posters can be adapted by inclusion of the council name, and contact details in the space provided.  Click here to view a copy of the Baulkham Hills Shire Council pharmacy disposal poster.

An information poster developed by the Wagga Wagga Sharps Action Group using 'Spike' and the Safety Stickler format in an alternative design is an example of how this material can be adapted.  Click here to view the Wagga Wagga Sharps Action Group poster.

Languages available

The general sharps disposal information poster is available in English and the five other most commonly used languages in NSW. These are Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Italian and Vietnamese.  The language used in each poster is clearly identified.  The pharmacy disposal poster is available in English only, but can be readily recognised by the 'Spike' image.

Print quality

The PDF files that are available for downloading are suitable for printing on an office colour printer.

Development of alternative posters

If councils or other organisations prefer to develop their own community sharps posters to maintain a corporate style or include graphics they are encouraged to use information and terminology consistent with that used in the 'Spike' posters.  "Community sharps" is the collective term used to describe all sharps that have been generated by non-clinical activities and has been adopted by Diabetes Australia-NSW in disposal information for its members.

As more promotional resources are developed they will be included on the website.

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